Defensive weapons are ideal for reassurance and protection in the event of an assault at home. Non-lethal, they come in a multitude of models. Not considered firearms, the alarm pistol and revolver reproduce the same sound as their live ammunition counterparts. Less dangerous but just as impressive, they expel blank bullets or gas refills. They can also be equipped with a dazzling flash, allowing the attacker to flee and signal his position. Better known as "Flash ball", the bumping gum expels rubber bullets. Available in its civilian version from Jean Pierre Fusil, it requires, depending on its power, a declaration at the prefecture. More popular, the tear gas bomb is a discreet and effective defence weapon. Spraying gel or irritant gas, it is ideal for immobilizing an aggressive individual. Offered in various formats, this spray can also take the appearance of a defense gun. Used in the same way as a traditional gun, simply pull the trigger to expel the irritant agent. More accurate than tear gas, it makes it easier to aim at the target. Incapacitating, the substance contained inside causes tearing, burning and irritation of the respiratory tract, skin and eyes.

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