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What is our job:

direct sale for corresponding transport of products derived from products and manufactures.

Important note: we reserve the right to refuse transactions from certain countries known to fraudulently use online payment methods.

Sixth category weapons (in particular sword cane, Shurikens, daggers, Katana with sharp edge, sharp fantastic dagger): declaration made in June 2009 Préfecture de Évry. Sale limited toMetropolitan France


In the event of an order to a country other than Metropolitan France you are the importer of the product (s) concerned.

For all products shipped outside the European Union and DOM-TOM, the price will be calculated excluding tax automatically on the invoice. Customs duties or other local taxes or import duties or state taxes may be payable. These rights and sums are not the responsibility of DEFENSE-SECURITY. They will be your responsibility and are your entire responsibility both in terms of declarations and payments to the competent authorities and / or bodies in your country. We strongly advise you to inquire about these aspects with your local authorities.



Sale for I nternet; www.stungun.fr

The contractual information is presented in French and will be the subject of a confirmation containing this contractual information at the latest at the time of delivery. DEFENSE-SECURITY reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute relating to the payment of a previous order.



You declare that you have read and accepted these General Conditions of Sale before placing your Order. Unless proven otherwise, the data recorded by DEFENSE-SECURITY constitutes proof of all transactions made by DEFENSE-SECURITY and its customers.



Our product offers and prices are valid as long as they are visible on the site, within the limits of available stocks. The photos are contractual. We reserve the right to reserve in the case of a flagrant error following a technical or other defect.

DEFENSE-SECURITY reserves the right to cancel the sale within 48 hours or to offer the customer an action to the best of these possibilities.

For products not stored in our warehouses, our offers are valid subject to availability from our suppliers. In this context, indications on the availability of products are provided to you at the time of your order.

This information coming directly from our suppliers, errors or modifications may exceptionally exist.

In the event of unavailability of a product after taking your order, we will inform you by email or by telephone as soon as possible.

For online payment or by check, in case of unavailability of all or part of the order, the choice between a possible change or a refund will be made with the customer by email or phone.


In the event of reimbursement, this can be done:

1 / by credit to the customer's account (in the form of a credit note) this option will be taken automatically in the event of a failure to respond from the customer within 10 days after being informed of the non-availability of the products

2 / either a cash refund 2 possibility on the customer's bank account or by check at the latest within thirty days from the payment of the sums paid by the customer.



The products are delivered to the delivery address you indicated when ordering. The times indicated are average times and correspond to the processing and delivery times.

In the event of items deliverable on different dates taking into account their availability, the delivery time is based on the longest time.

DEFENSE-SECURITY however reserves the right to split deliveries. Participation in processing and shipping costs will only be invoiced for one shipment. DEFENSE-SECURITY cannot be held responsible for the consequences due to a delay in delivery.


Any order not shipped within 30 days of the order is canceled unless otherwise specified and announced on our site. In case of delay, an email will be sent to you.

In the case of payment by bank card type sale by mail order, the times indicated are average times and correspond to the processing and delivery times for products intended for Francemetropolitan. In the event of split deliveries, only the products shipped are debited.

In the event of payment by check, the order will be processed upon receipt of the check. Consequently, the deadlines applicable in this case are those on the day of receipt of the check and can therefore be modified compared to those mentioned on the day the order is placed.


The payment of your purchases is made:

- Either by bank cards in Paypal system: Visa, MasterCard, Cartes Bleues and cards, the debit of the card is made at the time of the order

- Postal money order, bank check (IN THESE TWO CASES ATTACH ORDER AT RULES)

In the event of payment by bank check, it must be issued by a bank domiciled in Metropolitan France. The cashing of the check is made upon receipt of the check. The check should be sent DEFENSE-SECURITY 36 Rue du PDT Francois Mitterrand, 91160 Longjumeau



You have a period of 7 days from receipt to return the product that does not suit you. The shipping and return costs will then be at your expense. Only the price of the product (s) purchased will be refunded.

Returns should be made to DEFENSE-SECURITY 36 Rue du PDT Francois Mitterrand, 91160 Longjumeau in their original packaging, complete (accessories, instructions, etc.) in good condition, and accompanied by a copy of the invoice.

 Please note that if your order is not collected within 7 days the remainder has been found missing or any other similar cause the package will be returned to our facilities in France which you must keep in mind if you wish to collect your order, which you have to pay once again back and the shipping costs which amounted to around 50 € approx.


We undertake to reimburse you, or to exchange products that do not correspond to your order. In this case, we would like to thank you for making a detailed statement in writing and for returning the product (s) to us.

DEFENSE-SECURITY will exchange or refund the product (s).

The shipping costs and the return costs will in no case be reimbursed. In any case, you benefit from the provisions of the legal guarantee, in particular those relating to the guarantee against hidden defects. No cash on delivery will be accepted, whatever the reason.



The products offered comply with current French legislation. DEFENSE-SECURITY cannot be held liable in the event of non-compliance with the legislation of the country where the products are delivered. It is your responsibility to check with local authorities the possibilities of importing or using the products or services that you plan to order. In the case of products used outside their natural context or by unauthorized or unauthorized persons, there can be no coverage under the guarantee and DEFENSE-SECURITY cannot be held liable.


DEFENSE-SECURITY cannot be held responsible for non-performance of the contract concluded in the event of force majeure, disruption or total or partial strike, in particular postal services and means of transport and / or communications, flood, fire.

In the event of purchases on a professional basis, DEFENSE-SECURITY will not incur any liability for any indirect damage as a result of these conditions, operating loss, loss of profit, loss of luck, damage or costs.



                WEAPONS C ATTEGORY D2 

This contract is subject to French law.

The language of this contract is French.

French regulations on weapons:

Acquisitions by adults:

No formality.

- Acquisition by minors:

Purchase prohibited. Must be done by the holder of parental authority [1].
Purchase possible for air weapons and ammunition between 2 and 10 joules from 9 years old and holder of a shooting license.
Authorized use of paint ball launchers by minors over 12 years old on approved grounds.
- Storage:

The decree does not impose anything.
- Port and Transport: [2] They are prohibited without a legitimate reason.

For the carrying of collector's weapons, the justification for participating in a historical re-enactment constitutes the legitimate reason, within the strict framework of this event. (Art 121)
For transport, the decree remains silent. But it is legitimate to consider that it is legitimate to come or go from a gun market, from a collector or a gun professional. It is obvious that transport to a place where there is mayhem is perfectly illegitimate.
For the carrying and transport of other weapons in category D2, the decree does not provide for legitimacy. These are: Tear or incapacitating aerosols, electric pulse weapons, compressed air weapons, alarm weapons, black powder ammunition and war material released after 1946.

The list of weapons under Category D open prison, is given by Article 2 of the decree of 30 July 2013
Official text:
2 ° Weapons and materials whose acquisition and possession are free:

a)  All objects likely to constitute a weapon dangerous to public safety including:
non-camouflaged non-firearms;
daggers, dagger knives, batons, hypodermic projectors and other weapons appearing on an order of the Minister of the Interior;
b)  Tear or incapacitating aerosol generators with a capacity less than or equal to 100 ml classified in this category by joint decree of the ministers of defense, the interior and the ministers responsible for customs and industry;
vs) Weapons with electric pulses of contact making it possible to cause an electric shock with touching point classified in this category by joint order of the ministers of defense, of the interior and of the ministers in charge of customs and industry;
d)  Firearms of which all parts have been neutralized:? by the application of technical procedures and according to modalities defined by joint decree of the ministers of defense, the interior and the ministers in charge of customs and industry; or by processes defined and controlled by another Member State of the European Union and certified by the affixing of hallmarks and the issue of a certificate, provided that they offer guarantees equivalent to the neutralization carried out in France;
e) Historical and collector's weapons whose model is prior to January 1, 1900, with the exception of those classified in another category, because of their proven dangerousness, in particular because of their year of manufacture, by joint decree of the ministers of defense, interior and ministers responsible for customs and industry; The date of the model and the year of manufacture of the imported weapons is checked in the cases and in accordance with the procedures defined by joint order of the ministers of defense and the interior and of the ministers responsible for industry. and customs;
f) Reproductions of weapons whose model is prior to January 1, 1900, which can only fire ammunition without a metal case; These reproductions of historical and collector's weapons may not be imported, placed on the market or transferred unless they comply with the technical characteristics defined by joint order of the ministers of defense and the interior and the ministers responsible for industry. and customs and noted in an expert report carried out by a technical establishment appointed by the Minister of Defense, in the cases and under the conditions determined by the interministerial order provided for above. Reproductions of historical and collector's weapons which do not meet these provisions, depending on their technical characteristics, come under the regime applicable to weapons of categories A, B,
g)  Historical and collector's weapons, the model of which is after January 1, 1900 and which are listed by a joint decree of the Minister of the Interior and of Defense, taking into account their cultural, historical or scientific interest;
h)  Weapons and launchers in which the projectile is propelled in a non-pyrotechnic manner with a muzzle energy of between 2 and 20 joules;
i)  Weapons designed exclusively for firing blank, gas or signal ammunition and not convertible for firing other projectiles and ammunition from these weapons;
j)  Ammunition and parts of black powder ammunition usable in historical and collector's weapons as well as ammunition for h weapons of this category;
k) War material prior to January 1, 1946 and the armaments of which are rendered unfit for fire by the application of technical procedures defined by order of the Minister of Defense;
l)  War material after January 1, 1946, the armaments of which are neutralized and which are listed by order of the Minister of Defense.

Documents to provide:
C.identity: identity card with photo
Medical certificate: placed in a sealed envelope and dated less than 15 days, attesting that the state of physical and mental health of the declarant is not incompatible with the possession of a weapon.
P.Chasse: valid hunting license
Lic.tir: valid shooting license
APAD: prefectural authorization to acquire and hold 2 copies of less than 3 months.

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